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Welcome to the Tea Room
While fundraising styles have advanced over the last decade, there's lots of room to grow in this industry.  Yes, an industry.  While governments are cutting back on their financial aid, and major contributors are still recooperating from the financial decline, the need for society to band together to help others is more important now than in the past.   The question is, how can the average person help others financially, when they themselves are "feeling the pinch" as well?
A few organizations have developed interesting "out of the box" fundraising ideas.

One of such organizations is the SOS Children's Villages with their gifts that keep on giving.  Charity gifts: for those that have nothing - in the name of those that have all they need.

How do SOS Children’s Villages Gifts work?
You choose which item you want to purchase for a family in a developing country, a goat or pig, etc.
In exchange, a lovely greeting email will be sent to the person you are purchasing the gift for, to show what gift has been given in their name. All you need to do is select a gift, complete the purchase, and SOS Children’s Villages Gifts will take care of the rest.   For more information, and to shop for the person who has everything, click here for the SOS Children's Villages Gift Catalogue
The creation of the Tea Room has been a goal of mine for some time.  With the help of Glenn, and TLCwebs, gmhCafe is finally here.   A place for indie musicians and artisans to promote their work, as well as an online store.  We'll also be adding information for fundraising events and opportunities.  Join us here and in the forum for updates and announcements.

Gardening stories are shared in the Gardening and Agriculture Forum.  Read about the caution we should be  using when choosing manure for our gardens.  An interesting insite from a horse farmer.
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