1.  Return From Eternity

The sounds of Spring accompanied by relaxing music.

Length 11:01
3.  Celebrate

A celebration of music and the sounds of nature.  An upbeat relaxing tune.

Length 10:42
4.  A Beautiful Day

This piano piece rejoices the splendor of a beautiful spring day, with the birds singing and the brooks flowing.

Length 5:20
5.  Relaxing Stream

Lay back, relax, and listen to the sounds of the forest as the stream flows past.

Length 5:34
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With this project, Glenn wanted to capture the concept of the metamorphosis from winter to spring - from the frozen ice covered ground that melts and grows into a relaxing flowing stream, with all the splendor of the surrounding wildlife.  All the nature sounds were recorded in stereo in Northern Ontario.
Glenn Hubert - Spring Awakenings
6.  Breathe - Sleep

Calming music and the forest brook lull one to sleep.

Length 15:00
Spring Awakenings is distributed by Howling Thunder Productions
2.  Season's Change

Melodic string instruments accompany birds and babbling brooks in celebrating the season's change.

Length 12:06
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