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Designing a home studio or music space? Learn from tips and tricks that could save you time and money.

Recording songs? Learn recording techniques through tips and info.

Visit Glenn in the gmhCafe Community Forum.  There's lots of tips and tricks.  You can ask your questions in the forum.
Learn basic guitar for adults and children 8 and up.

You've always wanted to play guitar, but didn't want to leave the house?  Enjoy learning to play guitar in the comfort of your own home.

With Glenn's online lessons, you'll be able to:
• Learn the basics of guitar needed to form a good foundation
• Learn how to strum and pick chords
• Learn basic chords in a step-by-step method
• Graduates will be able to confidently play a variety of music in
   various styles
• Including rock, country and blues

All you'll need is:
• your guitar & a pick
• a camera and a mic.
• 30  minutes per lesson
• Skype

Beginner level:
• Children or adults ~ 16-30 minute lessons, $12 per lesson

Need a few tips?  Pay as you go at $15.00 per 30 minute session.  Vid-chat with Glenn to work on your technique, and answer your questions. 

For more information, or to sign up contact Glenn through:
• Facebook or Skype

Glenn started playing guitar at the age of 8, studied at the Royal Conervatory of Music in Hamilton, Ontario.  Over 40 years playing experience in several bands; styles include Country, Rock, and Blues.

Georgian College contracted Glenn as a guitar instructor, where he instructed both a children's and adults' courses for beginner and intermediate levels.

Start learning to play today.  Tomorrow you could be a star!  Email at
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