Sensonic TravelPod
It's an aural adventure, a soundscape that leads to new realms, new places.
Sensonic TravelPod redefines and expands the world of "chill".   Journey through music created from a vibrant mix of sonic textures, rich tones ranging from gritty guitar to smooth orchestral strings layered over sweeping phased echoes and "other than worldly" sounds.  A dynamic mix of quiet lay back sounds and upbeat tempos and melodic passages that are great for groovin' and relaxing, chillin' and movin' - Sensonic TravelPod keeps you guessing what's around the next musical corner.
Current Sensonic TravelPod CD Releases

~ ChillZone I   - 2007
~ ChillZone II  - 2008
~ ChillZone III - 2009
~ ChillZone IV - 2010

~ ChillZone V  - 2012
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