1.  Misty Morn

Nature quietly awakens into song and movement.  Listen and you can here the birds in flight, beaver splashing, and the paddling of the canoe - accompanied by soft music.

Length 7:20
2.  River Worker

Join us as we float down the river with the beavers;  swimming up to the canoe, splashing, and swimming away, only to return and splash away again.

Length 5:25
3.  Sunny Day

Enjoying a peaceful day on the river, listening to the birds while floating to the waterfall.

Length 5:57
4.  Noon Til Twilight

A nice afternoon floating down the river, listening to nature's sounds - flies buzzing by, cicadas singing, frogs, ducks, spring peepers, geese...

Length 10:34
5.  Majesty

The last song and final track of the album, Majesty is an upbeat orchestral piece.

Length 3:01
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Relax, and let yourself  be drawn into a relaxing, and meditative 'soundscape' that allows the mind to wander, or to conjure images that allow you to just let go. While taking in the peaceful sounds and serenity there is a sense of wonder and adventure that unfolds as one listens, and becomes a part of “RiverScapes”.
RiverScapes -  A relaxing midsummer day paddling on a lazy river...
All the nature sounds are original recordings in distinct stereo, giving the listener an opportunity to sit back and listen to the sounds of nature as they happened - a bee buzzing by, the birds flying across overhead, and the sounds of the beavers splashing near the canoe.  Each project is it's own unique nature experience.  Listen carefully and you'll here the subtle sounds of Canadian wildlife.  While quietly sitting and recording, enjoying the natural surroundings, Glenn would often see a variety of animals including wolf, rabbit, porcupine, deer, and fox to name just a few.
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