1.  Meadow Sunrise
The land is shrouded in a thick layer of white mist  ... Then the sun rises to reveal a vast meadow opening to the celebration of a new morning.   
2.  Morning Meadow - A Song for Ruth
A song dedicated to Glenn's Mother.  Reflecting the awe-inspiring beauty of a morning meadow, glistening dew on the leaves, birds singing.  The accoustic guitar plays  a beautiful melody with a string choral accompaniment.
6.  Pondering
Reminiscent of days gone by - a hint of a Medieval orchestral scene.
3.  Cool Breeze
As the sun warms the meadow, the trees sway, and the water ripples in the cool breeze.
7.  Letting Go
A musical piece for meditation and healing.  Full of peace and calming. Settle in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and let go.
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Glenn Hubert - Morning Meadow
4.  Whistlin' Along
An uplifting tune ushered in by a quick tempo piano.  A melody that skips along.  A good background piece for the scene - Everyone's busy gettng on with their day - whistling along as they work.
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8.  Endless Sky
Dark and heavy sounding tune - classical, with a hint of eastern flavour.  Suitable background to set suspense for a scene similar to ... It's late morning, the heat of the day is coming upon the meadow as a song bird lazily sings it's tune. 
5.  Interlude
A meditative piece - a relaxing interlude to a busy day..
9.  Serenity
The end of the day is approaching ... the open meadow and forest quieten, as the call of a loon echoes from a nearby lake.

This 15 minute piece is slow and  tempo-less piece, inviting total relaxation - allowing one to heal and strengthen mind, body and soul.  A meditative healing song.

As the last piece on the CD, it is intended to create an environment for deep relaxation and sleep.

Morning Meadow is a collection of music and nature soundscapes reflecting a summer day in the country side.  Awakening before the sun, the land is shrouded in  a thick layer of white mist, which slowly rises to reveal nature's celebration of morning.

As the sun rises, and the breezes blow across the land, the birds sing, animals call, and another day begins....
Join Glenn in his musical interpretation of the day in a country life.  Awakening with the birds,  working through the day, whistlin' along.  Then relax as the day lets go into a serene evening of quietening relaxation.
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