1.  Dusk on Wolf Lake
The wolves howl as the glorious sunset fades into night on the glassy lake, and the moonlit paddle begins.

Length 5:07
2.  Night Paddle
The guitar and the loons serenade the night paddler.

Length 4:54
3.  Suspense and Serenity
The music  brings a sense of drama to the sounds of the animals as we serenely paddle through the night.  Listen and you'll hear the alarm call of the fox.

Length 7:42
4.  Spellbound - Midnight howls and wails
Spellbinding music plays to the serenade of wolves and loons.

Length 8:45
5.  Whipoorwill
Guitar and pan flute join the excited songs of the Whippoorwill in a celebration of the full moon.

Length 6:20
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Glenn Hubert - Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake
6.  Far End of the Lake (Starry Night)
Songs of the bull frogs on the lilies fill the air.   Iconic calls of the loon and wolf echo eerily into the night.

Length 7:00
Moonlit Paddle is distributed by Howling Thunder Productions
7.  Midnight Paddle
The crisp sounds of the accoustic guitar accompany the song of the loon.

Length 5:54
8.  Solitude
The cries of the wolf pack call out in the silence of the night.

Length 7:36
9.  Loon's Lullaby
Gentle sounds of the paddles, calls of the loons, and the unique call of the owl are accompanied by a soothing melody, creating a relaxing mood.

Length 14:24
On a few clear warm moonlit nights, Glenn set up his microhones, and quietly paddled around the lake. 
What better way to spend a warm summer's night than canoeing under a full moon,  taking in the serene sounds of the wilderness surrounding a still lake.   
Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake is a music and nature production which leads the listener in a peaceful, midsummer paddle on a moonlit wilderness lake ... a very relaxing, and meditative "soundscape" that draws the listener in, allows the mind to relax, or wander and conjure images, or to just let go.
Along with the haunting calls of the loons and wolves,  are rarely heard sounds such as the cry of fox, the alarm call of a deer, the squawk of a heron, and many others.

A unique Northern Ontario nature experience.
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