"With this album"No Outlaws Anymore, I recorded what my fans like best - just me and my guitar:  it's what you would hear if I was sitting in your living room.  This simpler style lets you concentrate on the song itself, which is what's important to me.
When I first started digitally recording in 2006, I barely knew how to start a computer.   I was enthralled by the things I could do with a keystroke or keyboard:  drum and bass loops, MIDI instruments, effects, all marvelous things.  I used these alot on my first album, less on my second.
All songs, words and music by Edward Null
copyright  2012 Edward Null
All rights reserved.
01  No Outlaws Anymore
You can listen to the entire album on the player below.  or, individual song players are on the left.
Edward Null "No Outlaws Anymore"
11  Wish I Was Home
10  Change of Life Blues
09  Lookin' Forward to the Blues
08  Solstice
07  Lookin' Over Your Shoulder
06  Hope
05  Far Away
04  Noone Listens
03  Late October Years
02  A Lot More Wine
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