01 ChillZzz

02 Midnight Solitude

03 Lucidious Dreamspace

04 Clox

05 Drifting Away

06 Six Over Eight

07  Dream Child
After months of work, and editing, Sensonic TravelPod has just wrapped up it's 5th CD!  (August 2012)

"ChillZone V" is a series of themes and melodies that flow one to the other, with varying tempos and moods as it goes. Improvisational and fresh, the aim was to go beyond horizons for both the composer and the listener, bringing the two into a single 'journey'.

Ranging from the more subdued and minimalist approach, to tunes that have a mix of "Rock/Ambient" sounds and more lavish arrangements.  The main track (Korg keyboard-synth) was recorded as a live performance from the beginning to the end of the album.  Subsequent tracks were then added with some embellishments.

From soothing synth orchestral sounds to dreamy delays and echos, "ChillZone V"  is chillfull and relaxing.

For best listening enjoyment, place yourself in the centre of the stereo field, or use headphones, sit back, and relax to "ChillZone V".

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Sensonic TravelPod
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