1.  Into the Night
An uplifting melody played by the smooth sounds of the pan flute as it dances along to the beat of the tablas.  Set to a backdrop of crickets and highway, which plays throughout the entire CD.

Length 7:17
3.  Tribal Memories
Soothing melody set to a multi-rhythmical backdrop of tablas and drums.

Length - 6:39
5.  Mountain Walk
An upbeat tabla piece with an easy going melody of a bell-like synth.

Length 6:55
4.  Incognito
Self-described title - Incognito.  Dream space.

Length - 3:26
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Sensonic TravelPod - ChillZone IV
7.  Quirks
Percussive interlude with night crickets and phased highway.

Length - 3:47
ChillZone IV is distributed by Howling Thunder Productions
6.  Inner Journey
A meditative mystic journey.  This "extended" 16 beat piece was composed as a background for meditation, the main theme centers around the tablas, with accompanying tracks that are very Eastern in flavour.

Length 10:18
9.  Night Chill Part 1
Meditative piece featuring the pan flute, drone notes and night crickets.  A good accompanying piece for meditation or sleep aid.

Length 4:35
8.  Journey's End
An ambient tabla piece draws one into relaxation.

Length 11:08
10.  Night Chill Part 2
Meditative piece featuring the pan flute and drone notes and night crickets with Tabla drums.  A good accompanying piece for meditation or sleep aid.

Length 12:08
This entire project was built on an environmental backdrop of crickets and a nearby highway.  All the selections were recorded with the intention of being played as one continuous piece.  The "continuous mix" version is available upon request in downloadable zip file, or hard copy CD.
2.  Midnight
Ambient percussive beat set to a chant-like melodic phrase - conjuring images of being in torchlit mysterious chambers, or on a path along a journey.  Very meditative.

Length 6:14
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