Sensonic TravelPod - ChillZone III
ChillZone III is distributed by Howling Thunder Productions
Combining his interest in Eastern Music with Western Music, Glenn created a mix of upbeat tempos and relaxing passages,  taking the listener on sensonic trip around the world.  From the bayous to the mystic East.  Suitable for meditation and relaxation.
1.  Launch
Ready to Launch ... 3 ... 2 .... 1 ......  the opening piece to an adventure.  Chill music, with an edge.  Electric guitar, piano, synth, bass and drums.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 6:04
2.  Onward
Acoustic and Electric Guitars accompanied by Bass, drums, strings, piano and sax. Smooth & relaxing, culminating in an outburst of energy near the end of the tune.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 6:50
4. Mystic Sun
A taste of East meets West - with a S.O.S. style signal, guitar, sitar-synth, tablas, drums, bass synth ... Ambient Effx. ... Rock chill.  Genre - Ambient Rock

Length 5:16
3.  Bayou Runnin'
Suspense all the way!  A dark driving beat ... Drums, bass and gritty bottleneck slide guitar sets an intense tone of suspense.  Genre - Ambient Rock

Length 6:40
5.  The Message
Smooth 'n Easy... not your average easy listening tune. 27 tracks, rich with vocals, chatter about the great people who are all trying to get their 'message' across.  Genre - Other

Length 8:50
6.  Kandy Road
A danceable, upbeat piece with an eastern feel, of mystical urgency - on a mission.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 5:22
8.  Pulsity
A moving piece of drums, lead guitar and synth.  On the move - pumped up for the mission.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 4:50
10.  Ambient Relief
A deep, upbeat instrumental piece - moving with intent towards the goal. Striving towards success.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 5:18
7.  Wavz
A synt based tune, with phazing synth and fluid bass lines lend themselves to a mystical groovy feel - great for chillaxing.  Genre - Electronic Rock

Length 5:40
9.  MyWeMe
An African feel - Kalimba, tablas, lead guitar and chant like lyrics.  Relaxing and meditative, yet uplifting.  Genre - World Music

Length 5:17
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11.  Inner Fire
Easy flowing accompaniment of tablas and synth through time.  Meditative.  Mystical Journey.  Genre - Light Rock; Meditative

Length 5:35
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