Glenn Hubert (known online as Jim50) has over 25 years experience in the audio recording and music industry as a studio owner/operator and engineer/producer.  As well as producing other musicians, he also has produced his own material in various genres.

His personal music repertoire speaks for the diversity in Glenn's music taste and productions styles:

    * Peaceful melodic spa pieces in the RiverScapes series
    * Eclectic instrumentals in his "Sensonic TravelPod" projects
    * Fusion of West meets East

His project portfolio includes:

    * Owner/operator of Studio "A" Sound Productions
    * Producer of radio commercials and jingles
    * Recording and production of various musicians
    * Supply sound and production services for various theater companies
    * In house and location recording with school music departments

Community work

    * Telethon for the Friends of the Physically Handicapped
       - Provided stage sound and live feed to mobile broadcast unit
    * Organize community music and live stage events
    * Supply audio services for public meetings and seminars in arenas and auditoriums

Throughout his career, Glenn has seen the changes in the Industry and in the Market, from vinyl records (45's and LP's) to cassettes to CD's - he's experienced the analogue to digital metamorphosis that has taken place over the last few decades and willingly shares his experience with those who aspire to improve their craft, recording, and production skills.
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