1.  Dusk on Wolf Lake
Join us for a quiet evening on Wolf Lake.  Enjoy a wonderful themed background track as we enjoy the sounds of nature.

Track length:  5:07
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Sensonic TravelPod -   a collection of eclectic chill instrumentals.  A dynamic mix of quiet lay back sounds and upbeat tempos and melodic passages that are great for groovin' and relaxing, chillin' and movin' .Sensonic TravelPod keeps you guessing what's around the next musical corner.  Settle in, and enjoy a relaxing journey with Sensonic TravelPod and their albums -
ChillZone III
ChillZone IV

ChillZone V
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1.  Launch
Ready to Launch ... 3 ... 2 .... 1 ......  the opening piece to an adventure.  Chill music, with an edge.  Electric guitar, piano, synth, bass and drums.  Genre - Light Rock

Length 6:04
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Sample Sensonic TravelPod - ChillZone III
Sample Glenn Hubert's
Moonlit Paddle on Wolf Lake
The Music Nature recording projects each has it's own unique nature experience.  Listen carefully and you'll here the subtle sounds of Canadian wildlife.  While quietly sitting and recording, enjoying the natural surroundings, Glenn would often see a variety of animals including wolf, rabbit, porcupine, deer, and fox to name just a few.
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Spring Awakenings
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