UnderGround Cafe 119

World 5 - "Heart Beat of the World"
Break the Trend - "Down from Here"
River Valley Search Party - "Falling Off"
Spiral - "12 Baarin Blues"
Her Alibi - "Give It Up"
Toadman - "Cold in the Kitchen"
Larry Killam and Mark Spence - "Mean Finger Blues"
RKennett - "Good Day"
Authentic Imperfection - "Elliott's End"
John Gaar - "It Is What It Is"
World 5 - "Man of Action"
Break the Trend - "Not Over Yet"
River Valley Search Party - "Lover"
Her Alibi - "Burning Alive"
Toadman - "My Ex-Pet Bob"
Welcome to gmhCafe "UnderGround Cafe" a program which is a little 'harder' and edgier.  Featuring rock, Indie, electric, the edgy side of the spectrum is a 'hit' with those who appreciate the "Indie" side of things.  Hosted by DJ_G, promoting Independent Musicians from around the world. There are some fantastic artists, some new and rising stars, and always a 'treat' to the ears, with surprises along the way.

Enjoy  your choice of gmhCafe Radio Programs!
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UnderGround Cafe 118

The Features - "The Beginning- Week One"
Allie Moss
- "Late Bloomer"
F Jam Collaborations
- "The Age Of Hostility"
Jess Klein
- "Behind a Veil"
Dead Wood Ghost
- "Feed Your Greed"
Dart Club
- "Heaven"
Izzy Smart
- "Dreams"
World 5
- "The Morning Light"
- "Hollywood Babylon"
Dave Townsend
- "Communion"
Lasso the Moon
- "Pineapple Slippers"
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UnderGround Cafe Shows 107 to 112

Featuring the following musicians:
Able Archer; Amy Caldwell; Andre Charles; ATP; Beaver Canoe; Chris Sotiri; David James and Thomas Payne; Deer Songs; Dennis Wood; Devin Kessler; Dino Woodini; Dolores Dagenais; Draconious Stone; EASE; Finnski; Fool on the Planet; Frederick Serafim; Gary Robb; Gazebo; GC Downie; Gordon Scoville; Henrik Hytteballe, Haiku; Hawthorne Heights; Henrik Hytteballe, Haiku; Jaime Payne; James McCartney; JCS Project; Jeff Shields; Jennae; Joe Stone; John Gaar; Kayla Mary; Kick Ptarmigan; Leevvii9; Lisa Rigby; Lorna; One Track Mind; Ralph Buckley; Rich Goldin; Sacha Sacket; Sarah Jane Superman; Schprocket; Science for Giants (Jacob Price); Simon Mark Smith and Steve Dumello; Steve Woodworth; The Coma Lillies; The Jay Hawks; The Mad Pride; This Modern Empire; X3; and Yes Ma'am.
UnderGround Cafe Shows 101 to 106

Featuring the following musicians:
Agradeleous; Agradeleous & Jim50, Collab; Beaver Canoe; Bob Frasier; Cadence 17; Chris Sotiri; Collab; Coma Lillies; Dead Wood Ghost; Dino Woodini & Just One Old Man; Dino Woodini; Draconious Stone; G.C. Downie; Gazebo; Henrik Hytteballe, Haiku; Jake Passi; JCS Project; Jennae; Joe Stone; JustOneOldMan; Karmanistic and Jim 50; Karmanistic; Kayla and Kenny; Lasso the Moon; Lisa Rigby; Mark White; Messanaya; One Track Mind; Papa G and JustOneOldMan; Papa G; saer Ze; Sarah Jane Superman; Schprocket; Scott Williams; Sensonic Travel Pod; Steve Woodworth; The Coma Lillies; The Ovoids; Toadman; Wisdom Song; Yes Ma'am; and Zebra Moss.
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UnderGround Cafe Shows 113 to 116

Featuring the following musicians:
333 Maxwell ; B Mack and the Strat Pack; Blues Treat; BuddahBoy; Craig Karolus; DaniRocks with Swell Musik; Dart Club; Debbie Henning with John Fiore; Dena Maynard; Dino Wodini; Draggin' Suzy; EJ Bisiar; Gazebo; Guitarsix6; Henrik Hytteballe, Haiku; HomeMadeTunes; James Gould; K8; Leevii; Legend; Life is Hard; Maggies Farm; Mamby Pamby; Mathis Grey; Memphis Annie; Papa G and JustOneOldMan; Papa G; Patrock2, with the band, Folk Over the Edge; PeteMac; Richard Bethell; Rick Dufay; former Aerosmith guitarist; Robert Spurling; Rodrica Rudge; Roger Mathusz; SAJJAD; Sarah Jane Superman; Schprocket; Simon Smith; Ska Rapples; Steve Woodworth; The Coma Lillies; The Jayhawks; The Pillbugs; Virtual Biscuit; Waco Hoover; Wanman Shau; and Yes Ma'am.
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