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Welcome to the gmhCafe Song and Music Challenge. 

The song challenge is intended as a personal challenge for musicians and song writers, to challenge them, while having some fun.  Check the current song challenge, and join in the voting, or visit the previous challenges to listen to the songs. 

You can show your support for the musicians and writers with your comments in the gmhCafe Forum SMC topic.

The links to the past and current Song Music Challenges are below.
Current Challenge
SMC April "Baby, I'm Alive" Song Challenge
Criteria set by Gazebo. 
Your help with this will help overcome a long endured creative block for me!

About twenty years ago a friend of mine wrote some lyrics entitled "Baby, I'm Alive". The lyrics were lost, but the title remained and I have been trying to write a song around it ever since.

Now it's your turn (and hopefully yours will be better than mine!)
more ...
March SMC Challenge Theme - Wild, Wild West

The criteria for this month Is a song about the
Wild, Wild West.  Like Marty Robbins Running Gun, El Paso etc. or Roy Rogers or Sons of the Pioneers.   I think you get the picture.Any Genre is allowed as long as it's about the Wild west.  So have fun with it. more ....

November's "Radio" Challenge

The challenge this month will be to write a song on the theme of "Radio".
You know...the thing you listen to. No radio controlled cars allowed. 

All songs must mention the word "radio" either spoken or sung.....

Songs should be MAX 4:30 in length.  No old, pre written, off the shelf songs.. it must be a new original piece. The song can be any genre or style.  Collaborations are allowed, but there'll be only one vote per entry. Loops and samples can be used at your discretion.   Instrumentals are allowed, but the word "Radio" must be clearly spoken or sung.

more ....
December / January "Spoken Word"  Song Challenge

You can use any backing but you must talk your song.  You know like Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan with a type of talking challenge blues or even a RAP like Eminem.

Even a monologue will do with a little atmospheric music to enhance.
The only singing allowed is on one or two lines like Johnny Cash does with 'A Boy Named Sue'.
more .....

SMC -1  -   "Word List Challenge"

The idea for this challenge came from the topic thread about the 377 words on the DHS (homeland security) watch list..

SMC - 2 -  "Backward Masking / Tempo Change Challenge"

Prologue:  Back in the day (way back), it used to be thought that playing certain songs backward conveyed a hidden message in the song.  This was a big issue with certain Beatles songs.  The technique is known as "Backward Masking" for those who want to look it up.

SMC - 3 - "The Joy or Love of Music"
Music is something that can change one's life, make you dance, make you smile, laugh or cry.
Tell us about it from your viewpoint.

SMC - August 2013 - "Man's Best Friend"

The challenge this month will be to write a song about your love for your favourite pet (or an animal of your choice if you don't have or have had a pet).

Songs should be MAX 4:30 in length.  No old, pre written, off the shelf songs.. it must be a new original piece. The song can be any genre or style Collaborations are allowed,
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SMC - September 2013 - "September Song"

September In The Rain.
It Might As Well Rain Until September.
Wake Me Up When September Ends
September Morn.

There are lots of songs about September. So, I thought it would be easy for us to write another few songs about September.

In fact, It doesn't really have to be a song. It can be a poem so long as you are prepared to recite it and record it for posting.

more ...

October's "Off The Shelf" Challenge

... get ready... because we're breakin' some rules this time round... usually it's part of the criteria to only submit new songs for a challenge... well - not THIS time..

This is the "freshly dusted off the shelf or newer" song challenge.   Easy!   

Here's your chance to go back to revisit one of your unfinished songs - you know, those pieces that were started, and really liked, but put up on the shelf and didn't get a chance to get back to finish...

more ... 
SMC - 4 -
"Open Theme - Your Choice"

This challege is Open Theme, Your Choice, however, the word "SUN" must be in the lyrics.Any genre is acceptable.Song length Max. 4:30
It could be just you and your instrument, or a full productionCollaborations are accepted,loops can be used, or you may go acapella, or spoken word with backing music.

February "Love" Challenge

Since Feb. is a short month, we'll jump right into the challenge to give everyone a few more days to put this one together.

Since Feb. is the month of Valentine's ... the only requirement is that you have the word 'love' in your song.
Your entry can be a new or an off the shelf song, a collaboration, sung or spoken, and in any style you choose, as long as it has the word 'LOVE" in it. 
It doesn't have to be a 'love song' but it could be.   more ...
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May "Classic Rock" Song Challenge

Dig out your headbanging gear and party like it's 1974!

This months challenge is to write and record a new song in the style of the great
Classic Rock bands.

Think Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, Boston, Blind Faith etc etc etc.    Read more . . .
Listen to the entrants in the player.     Join the conversation in the forum.

Have your say -
vote for your favourite tune

If you're a new entrant, we welcome you to the SMC!

May we suggest a quick read of the SMC rules, how to vote, etc etc.
Here is the June "Song Criteria" Challenge, and it's very simple:

Agreeable Parts:

•Any style
•Any subject
•Any key
•Any tempo
•Any time signature
•Any lyrical content
•Collaborations encouraged

The Challenge Bit:

•Song structure should be Intro/ Verse/ Chorus/ Verse/ Chorus/ Bridge/ Chorus/ Outro
•You may insert a solo anywhere  at will

More ....

This will be simple and easy.

•Any style
•Any key
•Any tempo
•Any time signature
•Any lyrical content
•Instrumentals allowed.

Harmony should come into play in your piece, either in vocal or instrumental tracks

Try to incorporate or create an "atmosphere" or strong emotion in your piece.

EXTRA POINTS for collaborations.
More ...

Congrats to Way2lon for his song being voted favourite in the July Challenge.  Below is the August Challenge criteria he has set out.

I want to hear something gentle and mesmerizing using sounds of nature in the background. You can find lots of free, public domain sounds on the web.

I must stipulate though that the track must be something new and not something you already have. (Glenn and HE...we trust you on this).

This'll give you all a chance to use other instruments, if you have them, than just guitars. I am getting bored with all the guitar sounds around. Not that that should stop you using guitars...that's just me on my soapbox. more ...
August "Music and Nature" Song Challenge
September Coffee & Tea Challenge

Coffee and Tea ! ........ What ?       You might ask ... I have no Idea so I made it up !  

We drink and speak of it often enough so pick your brew !

The world is full of wonders about both products and they play a very important roll in society and economics  
So have your pic of the leaves or the bean.

  Find something you like be it just the beverage itself or the country and or history about the product , you can write about the farming side , the Economic side , the history side , the life and times side or what angle you meets your fancy .  more ...
SMC October "Smooth Groove" Challenge
Hey all

OK, here's the Cafe's October Song & Music Challenge

A previous challenge set by Way2lon in August sparked this month's challenge!

That's right, this month's challenge is to compose a gentle, smooth, flowing original piece.

Any genre, style, etc. is acceptable - jazzy, blues, ambient/new age, smooth-rock, smooth country - whatever works for you when you think of 'smooth groove'. It can be a new composition but isn't a pre-requisite this time around. (this may encourage a few more to get involved.) more....
The November "Winter Song"  Challenge

I'll make this month's challenge fairly simple, as the month itself is running fast.

The theme will be "Winter Song".

That's it. Any length (within reason), key, tempo, instrumentation, vocals or no, just a song about winter, and what you think or feel about it.   more .....
December 2014 / January 2015

"It's Party Time!!"

Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to write the best party song ever....

With the holidays coming up, there should be plenty of opportunity to do first hand research

Think Kiss' "Rock and Roll All Nite"
Think Irish Rovers' "Wasn't that a party?"
Think 2Unlimited " R U Ready For This?"
Think Pink's "Get This Party Started"

Think foot stomping, hand clapping, get up and dance on the tables type of song

Read more ...
February "OPEN SONG" Challenge
Congratulations to Glenn, his song was voted the favourite of the SMC December / January "It's Party Time" Challenge.

He has the honour of setting the criteria for the Feburary SMC Challenge. 

It's the Feb. "OPEN SONG" Challenge, that's right.. you can submit an original song in any genre.
- it can be an instrumental or with lyrics or even spoken word!
-it can be a new recording of an old song, or a completely new song.  (this is a chance to dust off a tune that was perhaps shelved for a later visit... so this is an opportunity to do that, and share it!
- Collaborations are encouraged.  (get your thinkin' cap on, as to who you've always wanted to do a tune with ....  
OR .....
The Quick n Easy way:  you can submit a song you recorded in the past, that you think the voters will enjoy.

Read more ....
March  "Open Song Reed Instrument Challenge"

Congratulations to Way2lon, his song was voted the favourite of the SMC February "Open Song" Challenge.
He has the honour of setting the criteria for the March SMC Challenge.

Setting a musical challenge ------ Hmmmmm......?

ANYTHING - Anything at all so long as you use a reed instrument in it somewhere. I'm thinking mainly of mouth harps but there are all kinds to choose from. We'll even allow virtual instrumentation if it resembles a reed instrument. There are some great sax VIs out there.

OH! and there is one more rule. You can't use a stringed instrument that has more than four (4) strings.

Read more ...
Congratulations to Glenn, his song was voted the favourite of the March  "Open Song Reed Instrument Challenge"
He has the honour of setting the criteria for the April SMC Challenge.

There's been many a 'hit' from songs written in just 3 chords, in various genres, like Country, Blues, Rock, etc - you know... "3 in G"  .... or "3 in D" .... or whatever key you choose.

Your challenge is to write a song or piece of music that uses no more than 3 chords for the entire song.
Part of the challenge criteria will be how well you can utilize the same 3 chords by juxtaposing and changing them around, to make up at LEAST 2 DIFFERENT sections of your piece - like a verse and chorus, or bridge or .... you get it, at least two distinct sections. 

Read more ...
May OPEN SONG Challenge

Ok, let's keep the ball a rollin' here ....  and do an open challenge .... May OPEN SONG Challenge

Post a song, any song, any genre... something you think others would enjoy and vote on.

It can be a new song, a collab, or something dusted off the shelf is fine too.

Song length no longer than 5 min.

Might be a good chance to catch up on loose ends or on songs that need a re-mix or re-do.

Read more ...
June "Summer Melody" Challenge
Being new to the forum I went back over some of the previous challenges & tried to flesh one out that (fingers crossed) would be inclusive & encourage some participation. Especially since Summer (applause applause) is a time traditionally when 2-legged critters get more active with a variety of things that draw their time.  So here are the (pretty simple I hope) parameters:
Primary "vibe" should showcase a MELODY that captures the joy of summer or what it means to you, even if it's just thawing out.
Genre - any. Vocal not required but if you feel the inspiration then belt it out, and if you can put together some happy harmonies here's your chance!
Structure: Open, but keep in mind the primary vibe of making a melody the star.
For the equipment-challenged, percussion/drum loops can be used. (Hey, I don't have a vintage Slingerland kit or a synth sitting around here either, not that I'd know what to do with either one.)
While loops are permitted, any SOUNDS of Summer you incorporate should be those YOU recorded yourself, whether sitting in your dustbin or recently recorded in the field. Remember, this is summer, it's warm, shorts & flip-flops, yadayadayada.
Length: No more than 4 minutes in length, and, naturally, not stressing the site limits on filesize which I see is generally 7mb for an mp3, so there may be an opportunity with the shorter timespan to do some real quality exporting.
"Liner Notes" - songs when uploaded should include a description of your inspiration for the song & what it means to you.  Please feel free to include information about the tools & approaches used; you know, the kind of stuff interviewers usually have to dig out of some big star 37 yrs later.
Collaborations are always appreciated - As to giving credit in your submission I think Glenn gave some great guidance here.
Voting Criteria will be simply like those cooking shows:  Whatever the "judges" (individual voters) like or strikes their fancy.  Sum-Sum-Summertime!

You can upload your song to this thread.
Submission Deadline is Monday, 29 June, at Midnight wherever you are on, or in relation to, the Big Blue Marble. (If you're up in the shuttle, give it a try; not like you're goin' anywhere...)

Full SMC Info can be found HERE.