"Gift of Sleep"

   45 minutes of soothing relaxation.

Musician, producer, Glenn Hubert has combined his music talents
with his interest in natural rejuvenation, and the power of sound, and
presents to you, his 'Gift of Sleep' - to help you relax, and unwind.  
A subtle pan flute, and calming orchestral sounds will lead you
through the "Gift of Sleep".
This CD project retails n the gmhCafe Store, but Glenn is giving the
download away free for a limited time.  Sweet dreams. 

Glenn would like to hear your feedback, feel free to contact him
through a private message in the forum, or send him a note through
info@gmhcafe.ca.  If you'd like to share your experiences with
others in the gmhCafe Community Forum, please do so here.
Please do not drive while listening to binaural beats.
... a gift to help you sleep!
"Gift of Sleep" - a 45 minute passage is accompanied with soothing music.

Put on the headphones, sit back and listen to this Binaural passage with a 3Hz beat, to help you relax, and unwind for sleep.  This 45
minute passage is accompanied with soothing music.    A relaxing soundscape created with binaural beats at 3Hz, and  Solfeggio
carrier tones of 174, 285, and 396 Hz, with a layer of modulating white noise (soothing ocean waves).

Accompanying music produced by Glenn Hubert to enhance, and support the healing and relaxation environment.  While listening to the
music, the various tones and frequencies effortlessly flow and weave throughout the soundscape. 

"I hope this music and Solfeggio frequencies enhance your healing process.  I welcome your comments in the 'Binaural
Beats Explained' Forum topic.  Please accept this free download as my gift to you to enhance your well being." 
Glenn Hubert
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Full length, 44:57,   320kbps zip file,      99.3 MB
It's recommended to listen to binaural beats with stereo heaphones, at a moderate level.  The sounds should be easily heard, but not "loud".

Listen to a short clip  (3 min.)

Gift of Sleep  - Full  Download 
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