Binaural Beat Frequency
Brain State
Description and Effects
0 - 4Hz
Delta Brainwaves
Slow waves
Delta brainwaves are  considered the most relaxing brainwave
frequency range, and are commonly associated with the deepest
sleep [stages 3 & 4] and a state of unconscious awareness. Delta
brainwaves range from 0 - 4 Hz.
4 - 8Hz
Theta Brainwaves
Medium Slow waves
Theta brainwaves are considered extremely relaxing brainwave
activity that is commonly associated with sleep and dreaming.
Theta brainwaves cycle within the range of 4 - 8 Hz
8 - 12Hz
Alpha Brainwaves
Alpha is generally thought of as the normal brainwave that is
dominant in people who are relaxed,creative, and have a clear
mind.  Alpha brainwaves are brainwaves cycle within the range of 8
- 12 Hz
12 - 38Hz
Beta Brainwaves
Fast waves
Beta brainwaves  cycle within the range of 12 - 38 HZ, and are
considered “fast brain wave” activity.  Beta waves kick in when
logically thinking, feeling stressed, and feeling tense.
38 - 70 Hz
Gamma Brainwaves
Gamma brainwaves are considered the brain’s optimal frequency
of functioning, are commonly associated with increased levels of
compassion, feelings of happiness,and optimal brain functioning. 
Gamma waves are in the range of 38 Hz - 70 Hz.
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