Binaural Beats Explained
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3Hz binaural beat (Delta range)
Use as a sleep enhancer, to help bring on deep sleep.
Binaural beats have many positive health benefits, from aiding with sleep, relaxation, and stress relief, to invigorating and increasing alertness.  Binaural beats are also used with meditation, and yoga.

Discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, binaural beats have been researched by the scientific and medical fields, with more awareness growing in the 20th century, as they began to discover the positive health benefits.  It was found that differing beats affect the brain in various ways, creating a wide range of benefical health and well being affects.  
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Binaural Tone Sample
26 sec.
It's recommended to listen to binaural beats with stereo heaphones, at a moderate level.  The sounds should be easily heard, but not "loud".  Please do not drive while listening to binaural beats.
Put on the right shoes - Just as when you're planning to go jogging, you put on jogging shoes, and when you're going hiking, you put on hiking boots.  Applying the appropriate binaural beat for the occasion is important.  e.g.: play the appropriate binaural beat in the range you want benefit from - Beta, Delta, Alpha, Theta, or Gamma.   more info ...
As with other things in life, it's important to find a balance with the binaural beats, using the binaural beat appropriate for the time of day, or for the effect needed, rest, wakefulness, etc.
Which binaural beats affect which Brain states?

Sleep - Delta
Relaxation, keep focused - Beta
Relaxing and drifting to sleep - Delta
Memory - Alpha
Chakra/energy points, Balancing
Refresh - wakefulness/alertness - Alpha
Heightened meditation - Gamma

For more details, see the
binaural beats reference page.
Seritonin Release - Alpha
Headache relief - Delta
Healing - DNA repair - Injury repair
Sodium reset
Waking from Drowsiness
Feeling of calm - stress relief
Sleep and dreaming - Theta
"Gift of Sleep"  45 min.

Fall asleep to the soothing sounds and pleasant music by
Glenn Hubert, accompanied with binaural beats and Solfeggio tones.  More info and free download
"Healing Time" 4 part series  52 min total running time

Relax and let the Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz enhance the healing process. 
Promotes feelings of calm, .... more info and free download.
Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Tones & Music

"Keep Alert" (Focus & A.D.D. Helper) 37 minutes
Improve focus, attention span, and enhance alertness throughout your day. 
Binaural beats with accompanying babbling stream scape.  More info and free download.
"Awakened Meditation"  3 part series  69 minutes
Enhance relaxation and "quiet time" with the gentle music and tones of "Awakened Meditation".    More info and free download.

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