Awakened Meditation (Relaxation & Meditation)
Glenn Hubert

Music with Binaural frequencies 12Hz to 4.9Hz, 60 min.

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Awakened Meditation Part 1, 
Binaural 12hz to 4.9hz,
Awakened Meditation Part 2,
Binaural 12hz to 4.9hz,  
Awakened Meditation Part 3,
Binaural 12hz to 4.9hz, 
4 min. clip

Enhance relaxation, meditation and ‘quiet time’ with the gentle music and tones of "Awakened Meditation". 

Awakened Meditation creates an environment that facilitates relaxation, meditation and yoga, with passages of smooth orchestral synths, drone of the Tamboura, sitar-like meanderings, and slow soothing waves of white noise that take you to another 'place' in peace and relaxation.  The Binaural Frequencies begin at 'waking' Alpha 12Hz, and gradually transition to 'relaxing' Theta waves of 4.9Hz.

Awakened Meditation can be listened to in three 20 min. sections, to help with meditation, or use the three pieces together to enhance sleeping.  Total running time: 60 minutes.

Binaural frequencies (aka binaural beats) are 'heard' in the brain as a gentle 'beat' or 'pulse' of sound, and mimic the various brain states, such as Alpha, theta, beta, delta, and gamma brain waves. Recommended use: with headphones at moderate loudness levels.
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Listen to the 4 minute sample clips on the left, below, & get all three parts of "Awakened Meditation", free to download now, on the right.
4 min. clip
4 min. clip

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23 minutes
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22 minutes
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24 minutes