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It's a great place to meet with some fantastic people from around the globe who regularly drop in to say "hi", and chat about just about anything from gardens, to music, to life, to health, some weather reports too.
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Edward Null
"No Outlaws Anymore"
Glenn Hubert

For selections of Glenn's music covering several genres, including, rock, folk, blues, country, and ambient, visit here.

Music and Nature

Music Recording, Production advice and tutorials
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"Enhance your well being through positive living."
Binaural Beats,
Solfeggio tones with music...

Binaural beats have many positive health benefits, from aiding with sleep, relaxation, and stress relief, to invigorating and increasing  . . . more . . .

Relax, Relieve stress, Restore and Rebalance

Binaural Beats Cafe
"Binaural beats for a better life"
Watch this video documentary of a Loon family as it prepares the young for their first migration from Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.
Music and nature soundscapes and sound clips.

Specializing in pristine recordings of Northern Ontario Wilderness

Loons, owls, lakeside, woodlands, songbirds, streams, wolves and more ...
All NatureScapes are the sounds of nature as they occur in real time, no looping, no extraneous sounds.

Recorded in the Parry Sound, Almaguin, Algonquin Park and Georgian Bay Biosphere areas, Ontario .... more ...
Freezup Begins on the Pond

"The Loons of Algonquin - The First Migration "

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Healthy and Positive Living

Includes topics "Gluten Free", "Wheat Free", "Vegan", "Vegetarian", Recipes, "Gardening and Agriculture", videos and more.